Video – The Mike Brown Shooting Secrets

Video – The Mike Brown Shooting Secrets

Eye Witness: Police pulled child from car THEN executed woman!

  Family NOT Allowed To See Body Or Daughter Of Young Mother Kill  

Bad Credit? No Obamacare for You

Many people signing up for health care in Florida through the Affordable Care Act have been shocked when they have to give proof of their credit score before they finish the process.

Congress Gives Standing Ovation to DC Cops For Executing Unarmed Mother

A video shows members of Congress giving a standing ovation to Capitol police for executing an unarmed mother with a baby who was brutally gunned down after driving erratically at a checkpoint near the White House.

The modern-day ‘slave class’ is anyone who cannot do math… and that’s about 95% of the population

As it turns out, slavery is alive and well on our planet, and its shackles are made of numbers, not steel. Those who are enslaved under this new system are people who fail to understand simple math…

America Totally Discredited

Paul Craig Roberts August 31, 2013 A foolish President Obama and moronic Secretary of State Kerry have handed the United States government its worst diplomatic defeat in history and destroyed the credibility of the Office of the President, the Department of State, and the entire executive branch. All are exposed as a collection of […]

Pardon Edward Snowden” Petition Exceeds 100,000

A petition calling for the pardon of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has surpassed the threshold set by the White House for an official response on the matter.

Sen. Feinstein calling Snowden a traitor is like a child rapist calling a serial flasher a pervert.

All across the mainstream media, you’re hearing Republicans and Democrats accuse Edward Snowden of “treason” for blowing the whistle on the NSA surveillance scandal. Feinstein, Boehner, Bolton and others are all joining in the chorus of the absurd…

17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask

Will we ever learn the full truth about the Boston Marathon bombing? Personally, I have been looking into this attack for days, and I just keep coming up with more questions than answers. At this point, I honestly…

Why Government Should Be The First Suspect In Any Terror Attack

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attack, with authorities struggling to retain a coherent official narrative in the face of photos which show numerous unidentified identically dressed men wearing …