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A Lesson in Deceit


Tyrone (Ty) Jackson – A suburban computer professional who moonlights as a conspiracy detective. Instead of dealing with his life he hides behind his ability to uncover the hidden agenda against blacks in America. While Tyrone is accusing every white man of being his enemy, the real enemy is closer than he thinks.

Tom Elliot – A vice president of one of the largest corporations in the world, has no identity problem. He knows who he is and what he wants. Which is everything he doesn’t have. Many view Tom as a token black who has sold out his race. Tom believes that he is more qualified and has a better track record than most of his peers. Nevertheless, he despises being viewed as a token. Tom is a classic psychopath, ruthless and uncaring and has been all of his life. He has always felt everyone surrounding him was beneath him. Even so, those he considers beneath him are his only friends.

Leroy (Jinxs) Jenkins – Jinxs has spent six years in the military only to realize that after his discharge he is nobody. He doesn’t have a future, is without money and his son is not his son. Jinxs is a fairly intelligent individual and intensly loyal. His intelligence goes unnoticed because of the “hard core” image he has tried to project all of his life. The one thing Jinxs has is pride, but what is pride if you have nothing to be proud of.

This is your chance to engage Xavier Asante as he builds an online event that will be talked about around the web. Xavier Asante will deliver the exciting story one chapter at a time. You can read and review the book as it is written. You are also invited to share your comments and engage in discussions with other readers from around the web.

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