A Guide to Casual Sex

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

left, Hollywood social engineers give casual sex a big “OK,” which incidentally is a Masonic sign redolent of the Eye of Horus. Friends With Benefits grossed $150 million worldwide.

Let’s see how modern sexual depravity is studied and sanctioned by the latest “academic research.”

On Friday, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality made the discovery that the “one night stand” had multiplied into a variety of distinctive relationships.

Moreover, the University of Ottawa-based study decided that the nuances governing different types of anonymous sex are widely understood and never the cause of hurt or embarrassment.

In fact, the sex researchers actually think casual sex is an excellent preparation for love and marriage. The following description is abbreviated from the study. Tell me if this behavior is “empowering”, as the researchers claim, or degrading and disgusting:

The “Booty Call”

A “booty call,” is usually requested late at night while the caller is impaired, often through a text message. If there is no response, there is no feeling of rejection.

The partners know each other and at least one has the other’s phone number, but they are not friends.

Monogamy is not discussed or expected. There are few or no emotionally intimate acts such as hand-holding or kissing. There is no need to terminate the relationship. It’s over when one or the other partner decides not to call, or to ignore a call.

F*** buddy

A long-term booty call may evolve into a F*** buddy relationship, and this may develop into a friendship. (“I think a booty call is once in a while. If it’s more often than that, say a couple of times a week or more than that, then I think you would call it a f*** buddy,” said one participant.)

A f*** buddy is considered a closer relationship than a booty call. The partners may engage in social activities such as going to a movie.

There is no need for a formal termination of the relationship. If there is a friendship, it is likely to lapse. As the partners meet more than once for sex, the possibility of a dating relationship (hand-holding, romance, dinner) decreases.

Friends with benefits

Partners had a pre-existing friendship before the sexual relationship. The parameters of the relationship are discussed before sex is initiated. Although there is an expectation that the relationship won’t become romantic, it is understood that this possibility may create problems.

Friends with benefits are not necessarily monogamous, but they must inform the other partner if they get involved with someone else. Alcohol may be involved in the initiation of the sexual relationship. Discretion is expected. The partners may terminate their sexual relationship if mutual friends find out about it because the relationship may endanger the group dynamic.The partners can socialize with each other without any intention to have sex.

The Traditional One-night stand

The partners are not already friends or acquainted. There is no discussion of what each partner wants out of the relationship. Staying overnight is acceptable but that’s it. (“You wake up and leave. You don’t stay and have coffee and breakfast or anything like that,” said one participant.)

Typically, there is no further contact and no need to terminate the relationship, although on occasion these develop into committed relationships. If the partners meet again for sex, the relationship is considered a booty call.

Read This Without Throwing Up

Alex McKay, research co-ordinator at the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, believes these relationships are widespread throughout North America. He says there has been a “liberalization of sexual norms” in Western culture, which has led to an increasing feeling of “empowerment on the part of both young men and women to make controlled decisions about sexuality.”

Spoken like a true sex educator. Anonymous sex makes you feel empowered?

“You wake up and leave. You don’t stay and have coffee and breakfast or anything like that,” said one participant.

There’s more. “It enables them to make good choices in term of long-term relationships,” McKay says.

Clearly sex education is state-sanctioned psychological sex abuse.

A Moment of Nostalgia

Let’s reflect on sexual relationships before the triumph of liberalism, freemasonry and progress, a.k.a, thinly-disguised satanism.

To begin, we were not a society of sex addicts feeding our habit with readily available cocaine (porn.)

We were not constantly sexually-titillated by the media. Obscenity was not an option; it was banned. Sex was not a compulsive recreational activity divorced from love, marriage and procreation.

On the contrary, sex was consecrated for marriage and most people were happy with this arrangement, despite what the Illuminati media and scholars tell us.

Women had an honored life-long status as wives and mothers. They were not taught to seek status as porn stars and prostitutes.

Women were far more “empowered” because men had to court and marry them to get sex. In other words, men had to establish a profound relationship and treat women as human beings, as opposed to a dog’s lamp post.

Women who consecrated themselves for marriage were far more likely to stick with it than veterans of a long string of f*** buddies. Men could rely on a chaste committed woman to be a good wife and fit mother for their children.


This tawdry study of casual sex befits a university located in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, which sports the satanic sign “666” from every street sign, bus, park and city vehicle.

That’s right folks, the city logo is a stylized O with three tails. The logo proclaims secret Luciferian dominion to all who can decipher the not-so-hidden message.

We are living in a toxic secular (re. satanic) age, getting darker. (Reject God, who’s left?) They will maintain prosperity until their police state is consolidated using the pretext of “terrorism.” (They need a world police state to protect their monopoly on credit.) Then, they will take away the cookie jar. Don’t forget, in their eyes, we are useless eaters.

Wealth is not compatible with powerlessness, and the middle classes are complacently relinquishing all power. 50% of the world’s population lives on $2 a day and that number is increasing.

“Studies” like the above are skewed to normalize self-destructive behavior. The perennial Luciferian (i.e. Communist) goal is the abolition of marriage and family through promiscuity and gender bending. And, on an occult level, nothing is more degrading & dehumanizing than anonymous sex.

In the past, anonymous sex has been more characteristic of homosexuals than heterosexuals. The Illuminati want us to be like gays, have sex but not marriage and family.

Happily human instincts and common sense are often stronger than Illuminati social engineering.

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