Attack on Gender Turn to Football and Rutgers

4 NFL Players to “come out of the closet”

There seems to be a strategic plan for gay NFL players to go public, with straight former Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo being the PR point man. I heard him on Jim Rome’s sports talk show last week spouting out all the talking points in that condescending “I’m the one who’s being reasonable” tone of voice. Here’s the latest from him.

If you recall, it’s also the NFL that made players where pink shoes and wristbands the entire month of October in support of breast cancer awareness. It’s not baseball or basketball but football, the manliest and most popular sport, that they’re now using insidiously for their mind control agenda, “progress” and “change”.

Also look at why the Rutgers basketball coach was fired this past week. There’s a video from team practice back in November where he’s seen throwing basketballs at his players, shoving them, and (horror of horrors) yelling at them–including “anti-gay slurs”. He was suspended by the team back then but when the video recently went viral he had to face real justice–not for the shoves but for being anti-gay. I’m sorry but anyone who has ever played competitive team sports knows that aggressive ribbing about one’s being a “fag” and a “pussy” is part of the motivating and fraternizing process, and it has nothing to do with gay people.

There is clearly a very insidious force out there working to change society not out in the open via honest debate, but through clandestine means and true-believer agents. The genius behind it is that they target issues that involve feelings, which the younger generations have been conditioned to respect above all else. If you take a stance that offends or hurts the feelings of anyone, you are “full of hate”.

How do we combat the creeping evil of this irrational logic taking over our culture?

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