Frienemy – On Sale Feb 03, 2011

Tyrone (Ty) Jackson – A suburban computer professional who moonlights as a conspiracy detective… Tom Elliot – A vice president of one of the largest corporations in the world, has no identity problem… Leroy (Jinxs) Jenkins – Jinxs has spent six years in the military only to realize that after his discharge he is nobody.

Gold UP^ Dollar Down

Actor Wesley Snipes Reports to Pennsylvania Federal Prison

Award-winning actor Wesley Snipes today added a less prestigious line to his resume: Bureau of Prisons inmate No. 43355-018. Snipes, best known for his roles in the “Blade” trilogy, surrendered shortly before noon today at a federal prison in Pennsylvania where he will serve a three-year sentence for failing to file his taxes. Snipes, 48, […]

Two Bank Failures Bring Year’s Tally To 151

One bank failure in Pennsylvania and one in Michigan brought the year’s tally of failures to 151, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Friday. Regulators closed Paramount Bank of Farmington Hills, Mich

The Bridge to Gold and Silver

Ron Paul – Audit the Fed

Eyes Wide Blind – Launch Date 1-1-11

Launch Date 1-1-11. Welcome from Xavier Asante, President, Eyes Wide Blind.

Money (art)

The Money Art from David Dees. The Federal Reserve, The Dollar Crisis, Ron Paul, Gold & Silver, Donald Trump, Bailouts, etc. All types of money art!!!!!!!!