K-Rino- Grand Deception – VIDEO HD

Symbolism Video by K-Rhino. After coming across this video on youTube and watching it, we immediately understood why no one from the staff had ever heard of it. — This video is higly recommended by EyesWideBlind.com.

Shhh… I still want to be Mayor of Chicago

Cheney Body Scan

In the Name of FreeDumb

So what will we the USA do in the name of FreeDumb: Slavery, Jim Crow, Wounded Knee, Rosewood, Hiroshima

Eyes Wide Blind – Launch Date 1-1-11

Launch Date 1-1-11. Welcome from Xavier Asante, President, Eyes Wide Blind.

Mr. and Mrs. President – Oil Money

Don’t Touch My Junk

Some apologists are now attempting to defend the lewd, obscene behavior of TSA agents by claiming “they’re just doing their jobs.” This is the exact same quote that was used by Nazi war criminals…