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Affordable Healthcare (Obamacare) Tax

By now, we all know the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate portion of Obamacare by declaring it a “tax.” This is, in essence, a declaration that the federal government now has unlimited power to force consumers to spend some (or even all) of their take-home pay on various products, services or even intellectual […]

Buy Protect Your Perimeter for Only $6.99

  Home Defense Tactics Career Criminals And Other Lowlifes Hope You Never Discover! In today’s uncertain times, extreme and unexpected violence can show up on your doorstep at any moment… day or night… Here’s what to do now to avoid becoming another statistic… PROTECT YOUR PERIMETER: Devastatingly-Effective Defense Tactics For Safeguarding You, Your Home And […]

Is Sandusky Part of a Larger Pedophile Ring?

Regardless of how the media neglects the deeper facts of the Sandusky case, you can rest assured, there is much deeper involvement, both in elite circles, law enforcement and of the US government. Is Jerry Sandusky part of a much larger elite pedophile ring? There are of course, individual pedophiles who have to kidnap their […]