Buy Protect Your Perimeter for Only $6.99

Home Defense Tactics Career Criminals and Other Lowlifes Hope You Never Discover!

In today’s uncertain times, extreme and unexpected violence can show up on your doorstep at any moment… day or night… Here’s what to do now to avoid becoming another statistic…



Devastatingly-Effective Defense Tactics For Safeguarding You, Your Home And Your Family!

It’s a $79.95 value… and… I’m going to send it to you…

ONLY $6.99!


  • The 2 greatest advantages you can have when you are confronted with (and must conquer) a threat in or around your home!
  • The 3 distinct levels of protection—before deadly force—for any given situation! (These are the same protection layers used to guard Fort Knox… one of the most protected facilities in the world.)
  • How to use Fort Knox’s protection theories and practices to defend your home and get amazingly-effective results… without… the massive budget or military reinforcement!
  • A quick quiz that will help you determine how prepared you are—within the 4 distinct areas of a solid defensive plan—to defend your home and your family!
  • Quick-start “Cheat Sheets” at the end of every chapter that will make the concepts in the report easy to review and learn… and… more importantly, help you implement them at the most cost-effective, safe and comfortable levels!
  • Inexpensive—yet highly-effective—do-it-yourself early-warning detection systems! (A couple of hundred bucks and a weekend is all you need to get up and running with one of these.)
  • An old school, ultra-inexpensive set-up that will wreak havoc on any would-be intruder! (The great thing about this—besides the low price—is the fact that it serves a dual purpose… both as an early-warning and a psychological deterrent system.)


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