Top Ten Things That Have and Have Have Not Changed In the Era of Obama

Top Ten Things That Have and Haven’t Changed In the Era of Obama     In the spirit of Bill Clinton’s 1992 “the Man From Hope” slogan, Barack Obama in 2008 declared himself the candidate of Hope and Change. So what about it? Are the real changes, if we can find them, at all what […]

The Black Press Ponder Obama-Love

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford Barack Obama’s top African American aide assures Black journalists that the president has “genuine love” for the Black community. It is an insubstantial line of inquiry, the product of “an infantile obsession with the inner world of the Obamas that is wholly disconnected from the real world […]

Women Don’t Need Men!

Feminism has been convincing women they “don’t need men” since the 1960’s. Now women have one problem. They can’t find husbands.

Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets…But Why?

St Louis City residents have been warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential neighborhoods after sightings of the vehicles provoked fears of martial law. The exercise is part of a U.S. Army program run by military police from Fort Meade, Maryland focused around training MPs from St. […]

The Secret Behind Whitney’s Death

The regretful passing of an American entertainment icon — Whitney Houston — marks yet another sad milestone in the devastating body count of the prescription drug industry…

Xavier Asante’s Response to Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner’s spent a lot of time talking about Black Pride. Let us not forget that Black Pride includes questioning your government. Huey, Dr. King and Malcolm X would attest…

Black Woman Defends “Racism”

“I’m American to the bone and Black American to the marrow. Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is dangerous for us. We’re only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out.”

Pop Culture Icon Rihanna Put Through TSA Naked Body Scanner In Show Of Power

The singer Rihanna was stopped at a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday and asked by TSA agents to walk through a full body imaging device. The TSA maintains this is random, yet it is difficult to believe that was so in this case.

Recover from a bad pap without surgery

For most women the “bad pap” is a dreaded harbinger of bad news. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death for ladies all around the world. A pap smear detects abnormal cells on the cervix and rates the severity of their abnormality with a, more…

The New Racism on TV

The Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Music Videos, Flavor Flav and other Coons and Jiggaboos in various Televison Shows. What happened????