‘Pinkwashing’ Reaches all-time High as Symbol of Corruption of Breast Cancer Industry

The population at large is finally starting to wise up about breast cancer awareness, not so much as it pertains to the prevalence of the disease — you would have to be burrowed up in a hole day…

The Fluoride Deception – Video

Do you want to know how America really got brainwashed? Do you want to know why there are so many dumb dribbling drones? Discover the Fluoride Deception.

Business is Booming!

This cartoon shows a town mayor announcing “Business is booming” while, in the background, the cityscape features chemical companies, fast food restaurants, hospitals, cancer centers and funeral homes…

You Get What You Pay For – Especially With Food

Everyone has heard the saying “You get what you pay for.” Everyone knows quality costs money, so why do people want their food to be cheap? Before we look into the cost of food…

Eating Organic Without Breaking The Bank

You want to get healthy. You want to start eating organic food. You visit your local Whole Foods. Then you see the prices and freak out. “How can I possibly afford this?” you ask. But before you walk about and head to the drive through…

Dead Microbiologists

Vaccines – Run, Run

Vaccines for Kids!@$^

American Murder Association