The AIDS-like Disease Seldom Mentioned

Why isn’t CFS/ME a reportable disease overseen by our public health department? Why are ME and CFS (i.e., the same exact disorder) suspiciously categorized as two separate illnesses on a worldwide level…

What Sells on The Black Market?

What Sells on The Black Market? Skull for $1,200, Kidney $262,000, Turtle eggs $1.00, etc.

Eye Witness: Police pulled child from car THEN executed woman!

  Family NOT Allowed To See Body Or Daughter Of Young Mother Kill  

The modern-day ‘slave class’ is anyone who cannot do math… and that’s about 95% of the population

As it turns out, slavery is alive and well on our planet, and its shackles are made of numbers, not steel. Those who are enslaved under this new system are people who fail to understand simple math…

What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?

I once wrote that, if tomorrow the top news anchors admitted they were drag queens, the whole country would immediately collapse. That’s how fragile America actually is.

How to instantly tell who’s evil vs. good: the philosophy of ‘control’ vs. ’empowerment’

We get this question all the time from readers: How can we know whom to believe? Who’s really telling the truth? Which person should I support for political office at the next election? What if I told you there is an incredibly simple way to tell not only who’s good and who’s bad, but also how to tell who is pushing absolute evil onto our world?

Eating watermelons can help reduce blood pressure

According to a new study, a pre-hypertensive condition is one of the major risk factors for serious health threats such as strokes and heart attacks. However, not too many people are aware that simply eating watermelons can be very effective in naturally fighting off pre-hypertension and therefore, considerably lessening the risk for heart attacks and […]

Attack on Gender Turn to Football and Rutgers

4 NFL Players to “come out of the closet” There seems to be a strategic plan for gay NFL players to go public, with straight former Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo being the PR point man. I heard him on Jim Rome’s sports talk show last week spouting out all the talking points in that condescending […]

20 Dark Predictions for 2013

From NaturalNews 2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The Earth isn’t going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are. Madness is about to be unleashed on many fronts: economic, social, political, financial and more. In the near future, you will look back on the Christmas […]

Fiscal Cliff Deal: More Taxes, More Poverty

Infowars The establishment media is extending kudos today to vice president Joe Biden for hammering out a deal that supposedly averted the so-called fiscal cliff. “I want to thank the work that was done by my extraordinary vice president, Joe Biden,” Obama said late Tuesday night. The Republican Senate boss, Mitch McConnell, went over Democrat […]